Wondering if you are a candidate for dental implants? Find out if dental implants are right for you by consulting your dentist, who will perform a thorough exam to determine the status of your oral health. Dental implants are an effective tooth replacement method that is often the preferred alternative to traditional methods, such as removable dentures. Because every patient has their own unique dental needs, however, treatment plans often vary. Read on to learn how a dental implants procedure works and the many advantages associated with this form of treatment.

How Dental Implant Surgery Works

Once your dentist has determined that you are a candidate for dental implants, they will develop a personalized treatment plan that is suited specifically to your oral health needs. Dental implant procedures are very versatile, allowing your dentist the flexibility to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth during surgery.

As a candidate for dental implants surgery, you’ll want to be prepared for your upcoming procedure by understanding what the surgery entails. There are three major stages of the procedure that include:

1. Titanium Implant Insertion

The first step in dental implants surgery is the placement of a small titanium post, serving as a tooth root, into your bone socket. Over the next six to 12 weeks, your jawbone will begin to fuse to the implant and your gums will heal and grow over it.

2. Abutment Attachment

During the second dental implant procedure, your dentist will remove some of the gum tissue that has grown over the implant in order to attach an abutment, an extension post used to connect the implant to the replacement tooth. Once the abutment is in place, the gums are given more time to heal before the last stage.

3. Crown Application

In the final dental implant procedure, the crown, or artificial tooth, is then placed on the implants. The crown is created from a mold taken of your teeth and used to create a realistic replacement tooth. Dentists then test the crown to ensure that it matches your natural bite pattern and even accurately matches the color of your teeth.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

You are likely a candidate for dental implants if you have missing teeth but have good oral health overall. There are conditions that prevent some individuals from receiving this treatment, which is why your dentist will first perform a dental assessment. In addition to positive qualities such as improved appearance and confidence, there are a number of other advantages to receiving dental implants.

Speak more clearly

Dental implants fuse to your bones, unlike removable dental appliances such as dentures, making it possible to speak more clearly.

Increased convenience & comfort

The need to remove and replace dentures is eliminated with the use of dental implants. They are also generally considered to be significantly more comfortable than alternatives, such as dentures.


Dental implants last for years, and could even last a lifetime with proper care.

Eat without difficulty

Enjoying a meal doesn’t have to be a hassle. Eat food without discomfort by choosing this permanent tooth replacement method.

Long-term dental implant care includes brushing and flossing regularly along with a dental office visit every six months. Treat your permanent implants as if they were your own teeth in order to ensure they last for years.

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