During pregnancy, a great deal of focus is placed on fetal development and ensuring that pregnant mothers receive proper prenatal care. Another important but often overlooked aspect of a mother’s overall health is ensuring that she receives dental work during her pregnancy. Because a number of dramatic physical changes can accompany pregnancy, including an increased risk of developing gum disease, you should be sure to visit a dental care professional during your pregnancy.

Is Dental Work Safe During Pregnancy?

A common misconception exists among some expectant mothers that there is a danger associated with receiving dental treatment during pregnancy, but according to a study by the Journal of the American Dental Association, pregnant mothers can have anesthetics administered and receive necessary dental care during their pregnancy without the fear of harming their baby. Dentists can even take dental x-rays of pregnant patients when necessary. Specially designed tools, such as a lead apron, allow mothers to have x-rays taken with minimal exposure to their body and unborn baby.

Taking Precautions When Receiving Dental Work While Pregnant

While routine dental procedures can be performed at any stage in your pregnancy, it is suggested that cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening or veneers, be performed during the second trimester (weeks 14 – 20). Before you have dental work done while pregnant, let your dentist know how far along you are and if you are taking medications prescribed by your physician.

Risks of Avoiding Dental Care During Pregnancy

Factors such as diet and hormonal changes can play a large role in the oral health of expectant mothers. Many pregnant women experience swelling of the gums or morning sickness as a result of physical changes occurring within their bodies. If you avoid getting dental care during pregnancy, these dental problems can develop into more serious conditions and become detrimental to the health of both you and your baby.

At-Home Maintenance and Dental Prevention During Pregnancy

In between dentist visits, it is important that pregnant women take care of their oral health at home. Maintain healthy teeth and gums by brushing twice daily and flossing at least once a day. Be sure to also keep in mind that foods such as sweets and carbohydrates often leave behind sugars that feed bacteria in your mouth. Limit your consumption of these foods to help prevent the growth of bacteria and to combat tooth decay. Opt for foods rich in nutrients in order to nourish your body, as well as contribute to the healthy development of your baby’s teeth.

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