There are a lot of questions surrounding children, baby teeth, and dental care, one of which is whether or not dental x-ray are really necessary for children, especially for those who still only have their baby teeth. Some parents are concerned that the x-rays may not be safe for their children due to radiation exposure. Others feel that there is no point to having dental x-rays before their child’s permanent teeth begin to erupt. Read on to find the answers these questions and assuage any worries you may have about your child’s baby teeth x-rays.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Children?

Dental x-rays of the modern age use significantly decreased levels of radiation exposure. Some of the modern machines reduce radiation exposure by 80-90% while still producing highly useful images. It’s important to ask your pediatric dentist about the type of x-ray machine used in-office and any additional safety precautions they employ.

When and How Often Do Children Need X-Rays?

How often a child should have teeth x-rays taken depends on how old they are and whether or not they have active or a history of tooth decay or cavities. Some experts suggest that kids should start getting x-rays once they have two back teeth that touch in order to detect any cavities between teeth. Others suggest that they should get x-rays only as often as reasonably effective, which would be determined by your pediatric dentist. If a child has no history of cavities or active tooth decay, they should probably get x-rays once every 12-36 months or so, depending on any signs of problems. If your child has a history of cavities or active tooth decay, your child’s dentist may recommend getting their teeth x-rays taken as often as every six months for a period of time.

Why Are Baby Teeth X-Rays Important?

You may think that there is little point to having your child’s baby teeth x-rayed, but that is not the case. The health of your child’s baby teeth can determine the health of their permanent teeth in the future. By allowing your child’s dentist to take baby teeth x-rays, you are giving them the tools they need to better address, improve, and preserve your child’s oral health. Dental x-rays for kids allow dentists to:

  • See how many teeth are still inside the gums, what position they are in, and how large they are.
  • Determine the absence of teeth or presence of extra teeth before they erupt.
  • Diagnose cavities, cracks, or other problems in the teeth that can only be seen through an x-ray.
  • Determine the extent and progress of any dental or teeth injuries.
  • Identify any tooth or mouth infections or bone diseases.
  • Monitor the progress of the permanent teeth that will soon be erupting.
  • Prepare for braces or other orthodontic treatment, if necessary.

By taking dental x-rays of your child, the dentist can determine and quickly address any oral health problems that could become worse if not caught early.

Dental X-Rays for Children Done Right

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