Ever think you’d see your child have fun at the dentist’s office? When you think of a dentist’s appointment, it’s likely that “fun” is not the first word that comes to mind. Despite the many negative associations that adults and children have with dentistry, there are a number of ways to make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Take a Tour of Your Child’s Dentist’s Office

A great way to ensure your child will have fun at the dentist’s office is to speak with your dentist and request a tour of the office. This is an effective method for preparing your child for their upcoming appointment. Once your child has spoken with the dentist,touched dental tools and taken a look at amenities that are suited for them, such as televisions, video games and toys, they will know what to expect.

Discuss the Experience of Going to the Dentist

If your child expresses that they are scared of seeing the dentist, having a conversation with them can make all the difference. Start by talking with your child about their fears. Once you have an understanding of just what makes your child uneasy about the thought of seeing a dentist, you can better address these concerns. You can also describe to them one of your earliest memories of going to the dentist’s office and the positive outcome that it produced.

Visit a Fun, Kid-Friendly Dentist

Because your child should see a dentist before their first birthday, or at the appearance of their first tooth – whichever occurs first – their trip to the dentist will happen at an early age. Search for a kid-friendly dentist who specializes in pediatric oral care. Pediatric dentists have experience working with children of varying ages, and are aware of the correct approach to take when it comes to comforting your child. After spending time in such a pleasant environment, your child may just look forward to their next visit with the fun dentist who made them feel at ease.

Reward Your Child for Overcoming their Fear of the Dentist

Counter your child’s fear of the dentist with positive incentives that will appeal to them. Rewards can range from something as simple as giving them their favorite toy or healthy snack, to treating them to a family outing or vacation. The positive reinforcement that you give your child will allow them to realize it’s possible to have fun at the dentist’s office.

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